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Fabulous Faith Days

Within our Valley Federation we want our schools to:

Join together regularly to celebrate diversity, world faiths and cultures. We believe it is important for all our children to be exposed to different cultures and backgrounds that reside, not just in the UK, but also throughout the world. The whole purpose of Religious Education (RE) is to expose children to different beliefs that people have at a level that is appropriate for their age.


It is important to note that RE is legally required for all pupils and is different from assemblies. RE should also be taught at a clear, identifiable time, but does not necessarily have to be a lesson per week. In our Federation, we have chosen to teach RE as a series of ‘Fabulous Faith Days’. There will be 6 days a year, which will fulfil the Foundation and KS1 requirements. At KS2 there will be some form of project-based extension after each Faith Day to cover the additional hours required.