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All staff and volunteers at The Valley Federation of Edale C of E (VC) and Hope Primary Schools take the safeguarding and protection of children extremely seriously and understand that safeguarding is every-one’s responsibility. The best interest of the child always guides what we do and how we act.

Safeguarding refers to all children, whilst Child Protection refers distinctly to children who are suffering, or at risk of suffering harm. Serious risk of harm may arise from a single event or a serious of concerns over time.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead is the Executive Head teacher Mrs Sally Winfield.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Collette Handley.

The Safeguarding Governor is Mrs Cathy Spingys.


There is a whole school approach to safeguarding which includes whole staff training and safeguarding issues are discussed at staff meetings. We have local and national policies, protocols and reporting procedures in place to help us keep children safe. Keeping children safe is included in the curriculum and discussed during assemblies. The school also joins in with national resources eg NSPCC TalkPANTS, safer internet day and anti-bullying week.

We understand that no one person can have a full picture of a child’s circumstances, so early help and appropriate information sharing with the relevant persons or organisations is vital.


The Valley Federation has the expertise of a student and family support worker based at Hope Valley College to provide Early Help Assessments and provide any help required. If you feel that he can be of assistance to you or your family or you would just like an informal chat, then please feel free to contact him at the following email address –


On the class and parents' pages on both schools' websites there is more information and links for helpful information and resources.


Concerns about the conduct of a member of staff or volunteer                   

If you are concerned about the conduct of any member of staff or volunteer this must be reported to the head teacher/DSL immediately. If the concern is about the head teacher then report immediately to the Chair of Governors. The concern will then be referred to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).


Further contacts

Derby & Derbyshire Safeguarding Partnership:

For referrals  01629 533190   

NSPCC 0808 800 5000               Ofsted 0300 123 1231                                                                  

Government helpline for extremism concerns 020 7340 7264